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AVS Toys baby princess sofa cum bed pink color

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Rs. 999.00

In their early days, children love to explore everything that is around them and once they start crawling, there is no stopping them from going to the smallest corners of your house. ??While children enjoy roaming around in the house, their parents are often concerned about their safety and have to pay constant attention to them. We presents Cotton Toddlers baby Sofa and training seat which is meant to keep your child in one place, without compromising on the comfort. ??This baby seating chair, nursery pillow protectors are meant for children ageing between 3–10 months. ??The chair offers an upright seating position which helps to stabilize the infant’s back, sides and legs while they learn to sit up. ??It will help the baby to sit in a relaxed and enjoyable position. We understands how fragile and delicate infants are which is why they came up with such a comfy baby-friendly chair.

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