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AVS Soft Stuffed and Spongy Blue teddy New Pattern

Rs. 1,999.00

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Size :
Rs. 699.00

Welcome to AVS

Perfect Details: surface is washable
Beautiful color and ribbon, Black eyes, Cute ear/tail
Soft plush cover, comfortable hand feeling
Fulfilled with PP cotton, more fluffy and soft
Handmade with the finest quality, it's a great choice

Multiple color choices:
We have a variety color of teddy bears for you to choose, such as gray, brown, beige, and more......
Whether you are happy or nervous, you can always find a color that matches your mood.

Bring Your Love to Lover:
To yourself - Our teddy bears are very cute. You can collect them as a gift for yourself.
To your kids- when you are busy with work or housework cannot play with your children, let the
teddy bear accompany with them; it also can give comfort to your boys or girls, when your
children sleep alone and are fear of the dark night, its soft and warmth will remind them just like
parents accompany with them.
To your girlfriend - If you are a boyfriend, then you can give our teddy bear as a gift to your
girlfriend, let it convey your strong love to her and accompany her.
Of course you can also send it to friends or your parents.

How to keep its cute?
When you first receive it, it may be not very fluffy:
1.Use your hand smooth its plush and adjust the fillers position
2.Exposure it in the sun or the floor a few days.
3. Pat the bear gently to make it fluffy

Contact Us:
If you have any questions, please contact immediately (9990973351) on this number, we will try our best to service for you.

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